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Gearbox front cover plate with rubber lip oil seal
Gearbox front cover plate with rubber lip oil seal     $85 on exchangeOur gearboxes rely on a scroll seal to keep the oil in. That's 1940's design, it doesn't work at all if the engine is turned off, and it doesn't work much better when the car is running. This is a modified front cover plate with a "proper" oil seal fitted. They are sold "on exchange". Send me yours first, or send me an extra $100 refundable deposit.
$85 on exchange
SuperStubs $780 per pairHeavy duty uprights with larger and stronger stub axles expertly fitted. Supplied with new bearings and oil seal, and new bushes reamed to factory tolerances. Click here for more information.
$780 per pair
Double Bearing Rear Hubs
Double Bearing Rear Hubs $1150 per pairEssential for fast road or race use if you’re tired of braking rear axles. Click here for more information.
$1150 per pair
Minilite style wheel
Minilite style wheel v3 $270Minilite style wheel, 13" x 5", with Sprite wheel cap sticker and chrome locating nuts.
$270                                                              (2 images in gallery )
"Sebring" bonnet
Sebring bonnet $1,200 fibreglass / $1,800 carbon fibreThese would have to be the nicest looking, and most popular, of all Sprite and Midget fibreglass bonnets. It will fit all models from Bugeye to 1500cc MG Midget, and includes ducting to force air through the radiator, and provision for a heater tube. Although no mounting hardware is included, swinging it from the front is very simple, and we can show you how to do it. Fitting this bonnet will improve handling, road holding and braking, as it weighs much less than the 30 kgs for the original steel panels, and is about a quarter of the cost of the steel ones.

Email me about price and availability as they can change without notice.
                                                                        (7 images in gallery )
GTO rear body panels
GTO rear body panelsThis tail panel and boot lid are made in either fibreglass or carbon fibre, to replace the original steel panels of your Sprite or MG Midget. They are designed to suit the post-1967 cars with the fixed soft-top, but can be grafted onto earlier cars.
Apart from giving a more modern look, they also increase luggage carrying capacity by approximately 35%. Email me for details.
Weber 45DCOE
Weber 45DCOE $895Weber 45DCOE, fully serviced and will be jetted to suit your engine, on new performance manifold and new Ramflo air filter.
Weber performance manifold
Weber performance manifold $295Weber performance inlet manifold. Comes complete with fitting kit.
Performance distributor
Performance distributor $300New distributor with new quality components and modified advance curve to suit tuned or performance engines.
Hi-torque pre-engaged starter motor
Hi-torque pre-engaged starter motor $295This is a pre-engaged starter motor, which means that the drive gear engages on the ring gear teeth before the starter motor starts to spin. Your ring gear will last much longer.
Being a hi-torque starter motor it will spin your engine faster than the old LUCAS starter motor, so it's perfect for high compression engines.
This is a new, not remanufactured, direct replacement for your old LUCAS starter motor, with no wiring modifications required. It works perfectly on both positive and negative earth cars.
Competition 1360cc (73mm) pistons
Competition 1360cc (73mm) pistons $450Set of new competition 1360cc (73mm) pistons with new rings and pins. Now you can use that worn out 1330cc block without the need to offset bore it. We have used these in race engines up to 13:1 compression.
Mandrel bend race specification Long Centre Branch extractors
Mandrel bend race specification Long Centre Branch extractors $495Slip joints half way down vertical pipes for easy fitment.  Will fit Weber manifolds, but not SU.  Suitable for engines over 120 BHP. These are made as exact copies of the ones on my 152 bhp engine.  They made no more power below 5,000 rpm, but increased output by 15 bhp at peak revs.
Big bore extractors
Big bore extractors $345New, will suit all size engines fitted with either twin SUs or Weber. 1¾ outlet that can be cut back to 2" if desired.
Brembo brake discs
Brembo brake discs $385 per pairDrilled and slotted Brembo brake discs, available for both wire and steel wheels.The ultimate performance brake disc.
$385 per pair
Detroit Locker diff centre
Detroit Locker diff centre $1,500The ultimate diff for competition use, fully checked and serviced.
Detroit Locker diff centre
Detroit Locker diff centre unassembled $1,500... prior to assembly. The ultimate diff for competition use, fully checked and serviced.
Panhard rod kit
Panhard rod kit $395Stop your (car's) rear end moving around with this Panhard Rod kit - provides positive lateral axle location.
Roller clutch release bearing
Roller clutch release bearing $145Roller clutch release bearing in cast iron housing. Will outlast many carbon "bearings". A must have item if a heavy duty clutch has been installed.
High Efficiency Aluminium Radiator
High Efficiency Aluminium Radiator $995High efficiency aluminium radiator with removable shroud. Offers a 40% upgrade over original radiator. We made a bulk buy, so this is cheaper than if you bought them direct from the UK. It's also cheaper than a new original radiator!
Steel billet flywheel
flywheelSteel billet flywheel, complete with new ring gear, balanced and ready to fit. This flywheel weighs approx 3½ kgs compared to over 8 kgs for the original cast one. And it's not just how little it weighs, but how the weight is closer to the centre for less rotational inertia.
Competition clutch kit
clutch kitThe kit includes a new 7½" diaphragm pressure plate, new Helix Racing driven plate and new roller release bearing. It's been tested to 155 bhp and shows no sign of slipping. You can have the kit with or without the flywheel, but if you choose with flywheel the entire assembly is fully balanced.
$900 without flywheel
$1450 (a bargain!) with flywheel

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