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The Sprite Car Club of Australia was formed in June 1960 to cater for the interests of owners, drivers and fans of Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets in New South Wales. The club is the longest running Sprite and Midget Club in the world.

The SCCA maintains a register of all Sprites and Midgets that we come across or are aware of. The Register contains such details as car number, engine number, date of manufacture (where known), colour etc. To add your car the the registry, click here - you don't need to know all the details, but the more the better. To view the Register, click here (Excel format) or here (PDF format).

Sprite Club of South Australia website is also worth a good look.

The Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club (of Victoria), was founded in 1966. As the name suggests, the Club is strongly oriented towards driving type activities - both competition and touring. Within the AHSDC, there is a lot of expertise available to members, for solving those technical or restoration problems. It also has an extremely strong social core, which is  a major reason why it has survived for so long as an active and enjoyable Club.

The French Spridget Club

The French Spridget Club

David Works Garage - "fuelling the passion" in Singapore, offering a full range of servicing.

The complete Sprite Parts screensaver version 2.1, updated 1 June 05, virus and spyware free, 1.9Mb download.  For those of you who want a smaller version, you can also download the "racers" version v1.1, 1.3Mb, or the "waxers" version v1.1, 1.4Mb

Now you can have your own model Bugeye for free! Simply download this file, print it out on your favourite coloured paper, follow the instructions, and hey presto! It even comes with an authentic oil spill! Make one for your desk, your mantelpiece, your other car's dashboard, your ....

Do you need to convert yards to metres, Celsius to fahrenheit, pound-foot to newton meters? Thanks to Josh Madison, this link will convert almost anything! Yes, even US gallons to UK gallons!  One of my favourites.

If you know the weight of your car (with you in it) and the time it takes to cover a ¼ mile, then this link will estimate your engine horsepower.

This one, on the other hand, will tell you your quarter mile time if you know your power and vehicle weight.  It also has a calculator for engine displacement, talks about gas mileage, and tells you where the term "horsepower" came from.

This site has almost 100 different automotive based calculators.  A vast range from Airflow Calculator through Differential Gear Ratios, Fuel Volume, Piston Speed, Screw Sizes and Conversions, Vehicle Stopping Distance.  Far too many to list.  Go there and check them out yourself.

Everything you ever wanted to know about bolts and so much more!

Now here's an important one!  Simply enter what you have been drinking, how many have you had over what period of time, and how much you weigh.  This link will estimate your Blood Alcohol Level.  It goes on to elaborate on the effects of alcohol, how to sober up quickly (you cant), etc etc.

If you still can't find the parts you're after even after contacting Colin (or you just want a good chuckle), try this link.

If you're feeling a little morbid, this link will estimate the time you have left to finish those projects.