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All you need for your Sprite, MG or Mini

That's what we aim to supply - everything you are likely to need.

So don't look here for a full list of parts or prices. Sprite Parts is a "one-man-band" and if I had to keep a stock or price list up to date, then that's all I would be doing all day!

Simply tell me what you need, and I will get back to you within 24 hours with price and availability. A part number is nice if you have it, and I don't mind whether you quote the genuine part number or the one from Moss Motors. However, I am just as happy with a description of what the part looks like and where it goes. "The triangular thingy between the whatsit and the doodad" is fine with me. I have been repairing and restoring Sprites and Midgets for 40 years, and I will work out what you mean. You don't have to be the expert, that's what I'm here for. to email me, call me on 0414 789 263 from within Australia, or +61 414 789 263 from outside Australia.

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